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Bunkering in During Snowfall

Snow began overnight and is expected to continue all day — the first real snow this winter. We need more from winter, a week of subzero temperatures to kill bugs in the ground and to stop the sap flow in … Continue reading

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Gathering on a Farm

A lone bald eagle soared over Rapid Creek north of Wild Woods Farm. We were pulling plastic over the new high tunnel. The eagle lofted in the wind as if it were summer. We would rather the wind died down … Continue reading

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Winter Soup to Relieve Punk Times

The end of year has been punk times without relief. Some blame it on social media. Social media users post they need a break. They want to cleanse their mind of the drivel, hostility and tumult often found in feeds … Continue reading

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Very Late Fall Cookery

With winter solstice tomorrow afternoon, it’s getting late to be calling this autumn. There are still fresh vegetables in the ice box and plenty of ideas for what to do with them. On Monday and Tuesday I binged on YouTube … Continue reading

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Lazy Vegetarian

We are an ovo-lacto vegetarian household, although Morningstar Farms makes me a lazy vegetarian at home. In our ecology of food we still purchase mass-produced, vegetarian burgers, recipe crumbles and chik patties. It’s an easy dinner to warm one up, … Continue reading

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Tofu Mole – Not a Recipe

I found jars of mole and adobo paste in the pantry. They expired a long time ago but that didn’t stop me from re-hydrating a jar with home made vegetable broth and making a dish with tofu. Using prepared mole … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Leftovers

I put Thanksgiving leftovers in a plastic dish for my lunch at the home, farm and auto supply store. Low levels of activity characterized the last week. Once I finished morning sessions at my writing desk, I didn’t leave the … Continue reading

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