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Using It Up

The challenge for a gardener is to use or preserve the abundance in a way that makes sense. At the beginning of a gardener’s life-long journey, what that means is not clear. Clarity approaches as our interaction with a kitchen … Continue reading

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At a Potluck Dinner

I sliced fresh cucumbers on the mandolin and dressed them with a mixture of olive oil, homemade apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper for the potluck. Not sure how much to take, I used all the Tasty Jade Asian cucumbers … Continue reading

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Garlic Harvest 2019

In a year of weird weather, garlic suddenly became ready to pull at Sundog Farm. Some cloves began to burst and if the farmers couldn’t figure out exactly why, they decided to harvest it all before any more went past … Continue reading

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Spring Cooking Day

The rush to use ingredients is upon us and the garden isn’t even fully planted. After watering I made the rounds of six garden plots and harvested radishes, turnips, spring onions, lettuce, broccoli and kale… lots of kale. I had … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Gutters

During Saturday morning rain gutters overflowed on both sides of the house. As soon as it stopped, I climbed up a ladder and cleaned them out. The blockage was mostly leaves from the pin oak tree which sheds them with … Continue reading

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Too Much Spring Rain

On a glorious spring Monday I began spading the next garden plot. The soil was too wet to work so I stopped after four feet. Excessive spring rain not only affects gardeners, farmers are feeling it too. Vegetable growers were … Continue reading

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Hope in a Midwest Garden

On a sunny Friday among peak apple blossoms I cleared the fourth plot for a multi-crop gardening area. The first three plots have early vegetables and are not completely planted. With eight trays of seedlings ready, and more in the … Continue reading

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