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Cooking is Inspiration

The folks I hang with in the local food system are focused on product. Is the asparagus ready? What about the rhubarb? When should I plant peppers and tomatoes? How much should we put into a member share? I’m interested … Continue reading

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Cleaning House, Making Soup

Holiday tradition in our house includes cleaning and decorating beginning mid-December. Dec. 18 is our wedding anniversary. This year we plan to celebrate 34 years of marriage with a meal at a local restaurant. Our wedding anniversary is also when … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Menu Planning

“What do vegetarians have for Thanksgiving dinner?” a colleague at the home, farm and auto supply store asked this week. The unspoken assertion was it is difficult to imagine Thanksgiving without turkey as the main course. He noted, being positive, … Continue reading

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Cooking Away Frustrations

The weekend was a chance to get in the kitchen again. When memories of a god-awful general election campaign persist, work is the best antidote. I made a lot of dishes. First up was a big pot of chili. Onion … Continue reading

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Season’s End

Yesterday’s harvest yielded kale, some cucumbers and hot peppers. I sent another box of kale to the library for workers. It has been filled with kale countless times in recent years. It’s better quality than what’s available at grocery stores … Continue reading

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Vinegar Time

With the apple harvest comes an opportunity to make apple cider vinegar. Since 2012, when I began to wake up to local food, I’ve posted about vinegar twice: Bottling Apple Cider Vinegar in 2013, and Making Vinegar in 2014. Without … Continue reading

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Red Bell Pepper Soup

The abundance of tomatoes, bell peppers and onions is leading to a pot of soup featuring those ingredients. There is no recipe — I used ingredients already in the ice box. I cut up a bag of onion seconds and sauteed … Continue reading

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