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Get Ready to Vote for Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden in a May 2010 rope line in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Now that the primary elections are behind us it is time to look ahead politically toward the general election.

Get ready to vote for Joe Biden as president.

Biden is the only thing standing between us and another four years of a president who seeks to dismantle everything we’ve come to know.

Think I’m exaggerating?

During the coronavirus pandemic the president has suggested cutting payroll taxes multiple times. If he did, it would be an assault on Social Security and Medicare.

Donald Trump repeatedly said if elected to a second term he would cut Social Security and Medicare to address his out of control budget. Twice (Jan. 23 & March 2) he walked those comments back tweeting he would protect Social Security and Medicare. Which is it? Do you trust him?

Even today as the Congress contemplates a new pandemic relief bill Republicans are talking about raiding the Social Security Trust Fund. Some view the trust fund as a piggy bank they’d like to break open and spend if they could.

I’m not concerned for myself but for our daughter and her cohort. Since I was a teenager I knew there would be something to retire on in Social Security and contributed through payroll taxes for 50 years. I’d like the programs to be solvent and available for them.

Is Biden perfect? No. Get over it. Get ready to vote for Joe Biden on Nov. 3.

~ Published in the June 4, 2020 edition of the Solon Economist

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