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Juke Box – Crossroads

Cream: Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker. This group came together and dissolved while I was in high school, before I knew it. Few bands were as good as this one was.

Taking a couple days to work on other projects, in the meanwhile…

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Work on those projects. We’ll wait.

Ah, the years of the great power trios where everyone could overplay because there was so much space! I recall once reading a short book-length bio on Cream published in Great Britain, and the back of the volume was a list of their touring dates during their just about 2 years of existence. They were worked to death! Lots of five to seven gig weeks. How they ever found time to create some great songs I’ll never know.

Sitting next to me as I type this is a cheap little round pin, like a campaign button, with something like a clip of the Wheels of Fire cover superimposed with balloon cloud letters saying “Cream.” It was all I could afford during a visit to “head shop”/record store in Des Moines one day in the Sixties.

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