Living in Society

Just Vote

On the Sunday before the 2018 midterm elections all I have left to say is vote. I mean it the way JFK did when he made this video.

Just vote.

I’m ready to accept the election results and move on to important matters that have been too long neglected. Issues of social justice, hunger, poverty, discrimination, education, equal opportunity, and civic responsibilities are all important. So are the overarching, existential threats to humanity of climate change and use of nuclear weapons. There’s a lot to work on and we are the people to do this work.

I understand the dynamics of political campaigns as well as anyone in my community. In every race there will be a winner and losers. It may seem like a zero sum game, but this cycle it must be something else. Too much is at stake for it not to be. The work requires all hands on deck regardless of our politics. It means reaching out for people to join us.

It may be easier to work on issues with government on our side. There are better prospects with Democrats controlling our government but that is impossible in Washington, D.C. until the 2020 election, and unlikely in Des Moines when the new legislature is sworn in next year. We must work together to find meaningful solutions for the problems that face us, at least partly by breaking gridlock in government even if it doesn’t seem a likely outcome.

Community-based solutions are a necessary part of our effort to move the needle toward social justice. That means working with everyone in the community to drive injustice from society. If we persuade anyone to do anything, it will be to join our efforts to the extent they are capable. I don’t know if that’s possible, but it is worth a try. That’s what I’ll be doing when the polls close on Tuesday.

For now, just vote.