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Winds of Change

Winds of Change

Just as the election of Barack Obama encouraged me to leave a 25-year career in transportation and logistics, the presidency of Donald J. Trump is stirring winds of change.

Where they will take our small family is uncertain.

Each year presents its challenges and successes. We’ve been able to hold on financially — by the skin of our teeth. There is more to life than money.

Because of a decades-long plan I rely on Social Security and Medicare, to both of which I began contributing in 1968. Whether they will be there for us long-term is uncertain. We are too deeply invested to back out now. We can’t let an unknown future stymie hope and aspirations.

The cycle of our lives is around work, gardening and health. Take paid work out of the picture and there should be an opening to do something different next year.

In 2009, when I retired from transportation and logistics, I took a path of civic engagement. I joined organizations and spent time working with people in society. The next retirement — beginning in spring — is expected to be one of reading and writing much more than I am able to do in hours stolen from days of hard work. There must be some form of civic engagement, but this time I expect it to be much closer to home.

Regardless of outcome, I’m repairing my mast, mending my sails, and ready to put the winds of the national culture to work at home.