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Image Credit: I, NobbiP, Wikimedia Commons

(Editor’s Note: One of the roles this blog plays is helping decipher Iowa politics. Now that I am president of our home owners association there is an occasional reason to do so and communicate to our members).

Association members,

As many of you may know, the state legislature passed a law allowing for the sale and use of fireworks during the periods immediately prior to Independence Day and New Year’s Day.

I asked Rod Sullivan of the Johnson County Board of Supervisors what this means for people like us who live in unincorporated Johnson County. His answer was pretty straight forward.

Nothing has changed regarding fireworks sales and use in the unincorporated county for this year’s Independence Day holiday.

The county placed a 90-day moratorium on sales to study how the new law impacts existing law. The supervisors are watching how other counties implement the law and are drafting an ordinance to bring county code into compliance regarding sales of fireworks. After the moratorium and the update of county code, sales of fireworks are expected to be permitted, but not this Independence Day.

The existing requirements for using fireworks remain in place. Below is a link to the rules for obtaining a permit. There are four requirements: evidence of operator qualification, diagram of the shoot site, proof of insurance, and a $20 application fee.

If I hear any updates, I will pass them along.

Regards, Paul